About Us

Welcome to our shop where you can browse freely for unique and trims, laces, appliques, beads, buttons, cotton fabric, dupioni silk and other crafting accessories which would help you complete your projects giving them the required look.

I've always been attracted to the beauty of things in past. It all started with my passion for collecting unique and beautiful stuff related to the fashion world… Trims, Laces, Appliqué, Cotton, Silk, Brocade. I'm constantly amazed by the time it must have taken to stitch such lovely things and envy the era when women had time to sit with a stitching project. 

My inspiration came from traditional Indian women who spent hours creating beautiful crafts. I have collected most of the supplies listed above from different corners of our rich Indian culture. I am extremely passionate about the crafts and simply love doing this work. This platform is a way to express and showcase our Indian crafts and supplies.
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