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Brocade Jacquard Ribbon Trim Indian

Brocade Jacquard Ribbon in Metallic Copper, Silver and Black Weaving Border Lace Trim. This can be hand sewn or machine ..


Hot Pink Brocade Lace Wave swirl pattern Brocade Border

Hot Pink and Gold wave swirl pattern Brocade Border Pattern/Lace Jacquard Weaving Boarder/Lace. Lace has wave swirl patt..


Hot Pink Sea Green Gold Aztec Pattern Jacquard Border

Hot Pink, Sea Green, Gold Aztec Pattern Jacquard Weaving Boarder/Lace. Lace has Aztec Pattern design all over and Trim i..


Jacquard Ribbon Trimmings Gold Metallic Trim

Metallic Trim, Beautiful Brocade Jacquard Ribbon Hot Pink Jaquard Ribbon Trim Gold Metallic Woven. This can be hand sewn..


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