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1 inch wide red and metallic gold jacquard designer christmas supplies trims by 4 yard brocade weaving embellishments crafting ribbon home decor clothing accessories ribbon

Online shop of jacquard trims and ribbon for wedding wear and dresses. Sari Border Trimmings Decorative Craft Ribbo..



Decorative metallic ribbon embellishment crafting sewing accessories beaded border crazy quilting trim by the yard white stone work lace for trimmings

Gold Kundan Lace, Trimmings, Decorative Trim, Sari Border Trim by the Yard, Metallic Ribbon, Embellishment / Border / Ri..


Decorative trim by 4 yard designer stylish dresses border traditional kundan lace embellishments for wedding dresses ribbon decorated stone work trimmings for making shorts

Decorative Trims Sari Border Trim Indian Trims. Use our beaded laces for book binding and scrap bookingA perfe..



Fuchsia pink indian sari sequined trim by 2 yard embroidered wedding dresses border embroidery trimming ribbon gold embellishment fashion tape laces for designing stylish skirts

Saree Border Fuchsia Pink Trim By 2 Yard Embroidered Sewing Trim, Ribbon, Decorative Ribbon, Trimmings Craft Ribbon, Cos..



Home décor ladies suit craft border lavender decorative sewing crafting trimmings fabric trim by yard stunning curtain embroidered indian costume laces saree ribbon

Lavender Decorative Sewing Crafting Trimmings Fabric Trim Embellishment Curtain Embroidered Indian Laces By Yard Saree R..


Home decor orange indian decorative tape brocade jacquard sewing trim by yard clothing accessories holiday crafting gold metallic ribbon embellishments brocade lace christmas trimmings

Metallic Trim, Beautiful Brocade Jacquard Ribbon Orange Jaquard Ribbon Trim Gold Metallic Woven. Wedding dresses This ca..


Lemon yellow 1 cm gimp braided ethnic trim by 9 yard decorated crafting ribbon braided cord scroll trimmings home decor clothing accessories embellishments laces

Looking for ethnic laces for your sewing and craft projects. Lemon Yellow Indian Gimp Trim for Gimp Braided Trim, G..


Sequins embellishments indian laces wholesale trim by 9 yard red saree border decorative embroidered designer dresses costume crafting ribbon christmas trimmings for wedding decoration

Wholesale 9 Yard Red Saree Border Sequins trim embellishments Indian Laces Decorative Embroidered Sari Crafting ribbon C..


Sewing clothing accessories trim by 2 yard orange embellishments on net fabric ribbon decorative embroidered crafting home decor beautiful border for dresses trimmings

Indian Trims, Trimming, Fabric trims and embellishments, Decorative Trims, Embroidered Trim, Trim By 2 Yard, Tape and Tr..


Silver colour trim by 4 yard embroidered wedding wears and dresses sequins work borders stunning gift wrapping laces crafting sewing accessories

Indian Laces and trims Silver Trim Border Lace Sequins Work for Silk Sari border. Trim is approx 3 inches wide. This stu..


Traditional ivory gold kundan trim by 4 yard beautiful crazy quilting home decoration ribbon costume fashion tape trimming embellishments for machine stitched border

Decorative Trim Gold Kundan Trim Stone Work Sari Border Trim by 4 Yard Costume trim Embellishment, Border, Ribbon, Tape&..


Traditional maroon gold finish gota wide trim scrap booking crazy quilting home decor ethnic wears border embellishments for sewing crafting clothing accessories

Maroon Gold finish Gota Wide Trim, Costume Trim, Indian Trim, Embellishment Border, Wedding Trim for Bridal dresses Ethn..


Traditional rajasthani red gold finish gota wide trim by the yard costume fashion tape ribbon sewing festive mood stunning a perfect embellishment for bridal dresses border

Red Gold finish Gota Wide Trim, Costume Trim, Indian Trim, Embellishment Border, Wedding Trim for Bridal dresses Ethnic ..


Turquoise decorative ribbon scrap booking edging trims by 9 yard gimp cord lace scroll braided curtains border crafting embellishments sewing trimmings for home decoration

Indian Gimp Trim for Gimp Braided Trim, Gimp Braid, Braided Cord, Gimp Cord, Braided Gimp Trim, Scroll Braid Trim, appro..


Turquoise gold finish gota wide trim by the yard beautiful costume machine stitched border embellishments decorative ethnic wears laces for wall hanging

Turquoise Gold finish Gota Wide Trim, Costume Trim, Indian Trim, Embellishment Border, Wedding Trim for Bridal dresses E..


Wholesale antique gold decorative costume trim by 9 yard jari cord lace glass bead work border wedding designer dresses trimmings crafting sewing beaded ribbon

Wholesale Decorative Laces, Sari Border, Trimmings, Indian Trims, Sewing Trim, Costume trim, Fashion trim, tape trim, Be..




Wholesale decoration silk black crafting fabric border red embroidered sewing trim by 9 yard decorative indian thread work border clothing accessories stylish fancy christmas trimming

Wholesale Red Crafting Embroidered Sewing Trim By 9 Yard Decorative Indian Thread Work Border Trimming Clothing accessor..


Wholesale decorative white embroidered saree ribbon fancy decoration sari border Indian beaded trim by 9 yard sewing fabric lace embellishments crafting tape beautiful dresses trimming

2" Wholesale Decorative White Embroidered Saree Ribbon Sari Border Beaded Trim By 9 Yard Sewing fabric trim and embellis..


Wholesale embroidered yellow crafting fashion decorative indian sari border trim by 9 yard sewing decoration hat making trimmings accessories table runner ribbon

Yellow Crafting Wholesale Embroidered Fashion Decorative Indian Sari Border Trim By 9 Yard Sewing Trimmings accessories ..


Wholesale gold trim by 9 yard decorative designer dresses border costume ribbon crazy quilting lace for making designing stylish cushion and pillow covers

Wholesale Indian Trim for Sari Borders Gold Ribbon Trim, approximately 0.5 inch wide for your wedding dresses This is tr..



Wholesale home décor stunning indian clothing ribbon navy blue sewing silk off white fabric saree lace trim by 9 yard crafting fashion border embroidered costume christmas trimmings

Wholesale Clothing Ribbon Navy Blue Sewing Indian Saree Trim By 9 Yard Crafting Border Embroidered Costume Trimmings Tab..


Wholesale home décor stunning magenta floral decorative dresses fabric trim by 9 yard wedding indian costume ribbon embellishment crafting beg accessroies embroidered trimming

Wholesale Magenta Floral Decorative Dresses Fabric Trim By 9 Yard Embroidered Trimming Wedding Ribbon Embellishment Craf..


Wholesale home decoration carfting sewing and fashion tape ribbon coral indian silk fabric trim by 9 yard sari border embroidery ribbon floral christmas trimming

Wholesale Coral Sewing Indian Fabric Trim By 9 Yard Crafting Sari Border Decorative Embroidery Ribbon Floral Christmas T..


Wholesale indian sewing black traditional laces decorative christmas supplies border sequins work crafting supply velvet ribbon clothing trimmings for dresses

Wholesale Black Traditional Trim Border Lace Mirror Sequins Work for Silk Sari border. Trim is approx 2.5 inches wide. T..


Wholesale indian trim by the 9 yard beautiful stylish clutches beaded gold kundan lace black metallic ribbon home decor embellished stone saree border crafting clothing trimmings

Wholesale Indian Trim By the 9 yard Beaded Gold Kundan Lace Black Metallic Ribbon Embellished Stone Saree Border craftin..



Wholesale magenta sewing crafting embellishment curtain embroidered black fabric indian clothing accessories fashion laces by 9 yard christmas ribbon sari border christmas trimmings

Wholesale Magenta Decorative Sewing Crafting Trimmings Embellishment Curtain Embroidered Indian Laces By 9 Yard Christma..


Wholesale orange indian laces crafting stylish embroidered sewing trim by 9 yard decorative home décor and festive wear crafting ribbon trimmings designer wedding border

Wholesale Orange Indian Laces Crafting Embroidered Sewing Trim By 9 Yard Decorative Crafting Ribbon Trimmings Table Runn..


Wholesale red decorative sewing indian saree trim by 9 yard crafting sari border silk fabric embroidered home décor and costume trimmings fashion table runner ribbon

Wholesale Red Decorative Sewing Indian Saree Trim By 9 Yard Crafting Sari Border Embroidered Costume Trimmings Fashion T..


Wholesale red embroidery decorative sari indian clothing accessories fabric trim 9 yard floral new unique design ribbon embellishment trimming sewing clothing accessories border

Wholesale Red Embroidery Decorative Sari Border Indian Fabric Trim 9 Yard Floral Ribbon Embellishment Trimming Sewing Cl..



Wholesale salmon pink decorative silk fabric trim by 9 yard embroidered trimming wedding lehengas modelling dresses ribbon crafting sewing costume border

Wholesale Salmon Pink Decorative Silk Fabric Trim By 9 Yard Embroidered Trimming Dresses Ribbon Embellishment Crafting S..


Wholesale silk black fabric yellow embroidery sari border dresses making trim by 9 yard scarpbooking embroidered sewing decorative handicrafts crafting trimming clothing ribbon

Wholesale Yellow Embroidery Sari Border Dresses Making Trim By 9 Yard Embroidered Sewing Dresse Decorative Crafting Trim..


Wholesale traditional red lace gold sequin work trim by 9 yard indian embroidered sari trimming Indian decorative ribbon embellishment bridal tape sewing accessories fashion borders

Wholesale Red Embroidery Decorative Sari Border Crafting Sequins Ribbon Trim By 9 Yard Saree Trimming Sewing Costume Fas..


Wholesale trim by 9 yard silver kundan lace decorated floral pattern beaded trimmings decorative dancer dress costume metallic ribbon embellished trims crafting christmas borders

Wholesale 9 Yard Silver Kundan Lace Indian Beaded Trimmings Decorative Costume Metallic Ribbon Embellished Trim Crafting..



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